The Little Art Gallery That Could


An art gallery in Blue Ridge Georgia? A very nice art gallery off East Main Street in Blue Ridge? Who would expect that?

It’s so true though, take an hour or so out of your weekend and visit High Country Art and Antique shop. Going north on 515 turn right on old Hwy.5 and look for Depot Street on the left, turn right onto East Main and look for a beautiful little shop packed with art, crafts and antiques. You’ll be surprised.

Tell the folks inside you want to look at the art of Yuan Rong Zhou.  Ok,I know, I’m not sure how to pronounce it either so maybe you’d better write it down but here’s a hint- the paintings that look like sculpture. Really!

The Art Style

Beautiful, impressionist, bright colored nature scenes that “standout” literally. This artist uses gesso, a white paint mixed with a binder consisting of various materials somewhat like glue which goes on the canvas in a thick mass and is worked into shape with pallet knives often as a buildup of several coats. It goes on wet and dries hard. More often used as a base before painting for making wood or canvas smoother or slightly textured but rarely the way Yuan Rong Zhou uses it. When gesso dries, you can paint on it. The painting becomes a sculpture. It has a 3 D effect. The use of bright bold color adds to the ambiance of the subject matter and the subject matter this artist chooses is very tasteful and often a local scene.

I hate to brag but I hate not to in that my mother (who wanted me to be a visual artist) wanted to make sure I went to some of the finest galleries in the world and spent a lot of time and money doing so. We went to Europe, New York, Washington DC, Atlanta and throughout the south. I’ve seen some stuff. So take my word for it, get off the four lane, ride into Blue Ridge and see this little gallery.