Joshua Wilton House Inn and Restaurant in Harrisonburg

If you’re looking for a classy and elegant dining experience in the Harrisonburg Virginia area, the Joshua Wilton House Inn and Restaurant will by far be your most accommodating solution. Located in Harrisonburg’s historic downtown district directly on route 11, the Joshua Wilton House sets the standard for fine dining west of the Blue Ridge.

Joshua Wilton, a wealthy bank and hardware store owner, constructed the building as his home in 1888. His home did not make the full conversion to a restaurant until 100 years later in May of 1988. The building still has its original front door and holds true to many of its historical themes and accents. Parquet floors, fireplaces, leaded glass around the front door and five dining rooms decorated with period antiques give the interior a distinctly classy and historical fine dining atmosphere.

Reservations are required and can be made on their website. Once you arrive they’ll seat you at a table that has been prepared for you ahead of time in one of their five dining areas. Each room is uniquely decorated and positioned, presenting character and variety while still maintaining the overall theme of the restaurant. In the colder months fireplaces are kept lit, while summer months allow you the option of being seated outside on the patio.

The Joshua Wilton House is designed to be a leisurely dining experience, thus your waiter will be attentive but will also allow you plenty of opportunity to have a slow paced meal and take your time should you choose to do so. The atmosphere inside the building is such that you’ll want to make your meal last and take every opportunity to enjoy the experience and absorb some of the building’s classic and sophisticated appeal.


The food itself is all gourmet and seasonally inspired. As a result, your menu will change depending on what time of the year you’re there. The menu yields options ranging from beef, pork, seafood and poultry, as well as a variety of salads, appetizers and desserts. All menu items are made up of locally grown or raised ingredients. While the menu itself does change, you can examine the current choices and pricing of their current dinner menu on their website.

In addition to the food, you’ll be offered a wine list of over 100 options as well as a list of liquors, beers and wines available by the glass. Everything about the food itself and the presentation is exquisite. Meals are presented with incredible attention to detail and every menu item has a unique taste and flavor all its own that’ll make you want to order with a certain level of variety to be able to try different things. It’s a place where you’ll want to sit back, relax and just enjoy a quality dining experience without rushing through your meal or trying to get out the door.


The rooms available at the Joshua Wilton House number only five, though they each have a distinctly quaint and colonial kind of appeal, being well lit, classically furnished and each uniquely decorated in keeping with the antique style of the dining areas. Some of the amenities include a gourmet breakfast that is included in the room rate, as well as queen sized beds, ceiling fans, Wi-Fi, luxury robes and climate control. Your stay will certainly be a pleasant and comfortable one as the inn segment of the Joshua Wilton House is every bit as exquisite as the restaurant portion.


In terms of pricing you need to keep in mind that you get what you pay for in terms of quality and luxury. If you clicked the above link to the menu you already know that the food isn’t cheap and prices for a meal will likely exceed $30. Your cost will be far more if you opt for an alcoholic beverage with your meal. However the quality of both the food and overall dining experience go a long way in justifying the price, as you are highly unlikely to be disappointed by any aspect of your meal.

Lodging will run you anywhere from $145 to $160 per night for one of the five inn rooms. Corporate rates of $85 per night are available Sunday through Thursday. While this is very high when compared to other lodging options in town, you’re paying for the atmosphere, experience and attention to detail of the room you’re getting. As with the food, you get what you pay for. If you’re looking for a unique bed and breakfast experience that is more than just a place to rest your head for the evening, the Joshua Wilton House will justify the high price tag by delivering that experience.


Neither the inn nor the restaurant segment of the Joshua Wilton House should be considered “budget” locations. You will without a doubt spend a lot of money here. Though you can rest assured that your return will be more than just a full stomach and a place to sleep. This place is one of the most prestigious establishments in the area and will be a memorable event above and beyond your meal and lodging. The experience will be far more rewarding if you take your time, and are intentional about enjoying the atmosphere and the process as much as the food itself.