Three Relaxing Southern Getaways for Your Next Vacation

No matter where you live in the country, you occasionally need a change of scenery.  Whether its getting out your city, your state, or your region, we all need those vacations someplace beautiful and relaxing while sticking to a limited budge.  Here are three relaxing Southern getaway locations. These will give you the time and space to recharge without breaking the bank.

Escape to Blue Ridge

There are dozens of cabins available to rent at rates starting as low as $150 a night. Escape to Blue Ridge is a perfect example of bang-for-your-buck vacationing.  Tucked away in the scenic mountains of northern Georgia, you’ll find very little in the way of activities in the area but there is plenty of relaxation to be had. Each cabin comes packed with a varying assortment of amenities. These range from satellite TV to pool tables, hot tubs, fire pits, and video game systems. 

Kitchens come fully equipped and almost all cabins have spectacular views of the mountains, many with wraparound porches.  If you do find yourself aching for an urban outing, it’s only about a two-hour drive or so to either Atlanta or Asheville.  Particularly for Northern city-dwellers, once you’ve experience the space and calm of an Escape to Blue Ridge cabin, you may wonder what reason you have to ever go back to your apartment.

The Rhett House Inn

The Rhett House Inn is considered one of the finest inns in the Southeast. This South Carolina homestead offers a fine bed and breakfast experience without lightening your wallet.  You can expect all the comforts that Southern hospitality has to offer at this fine establishment.  During your stay, you’ll have a full breakfast every morning. That’s not to mention tea and pastries in the afternoon and homemade desserts in the evenings. The inn is located in the coastal town of Beaufort, SC. This offers its own variety of historical site-seeing opportunities and waterside fun and relaxation.  A completely charming and serene locale, you’ll leave feeling refreshed and satiated.

Peaks of Otter Lodge

A fantastic little getaway off of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Parkway, this lodge offers a simple, cozy place to stay as you explore the spectacular local scenery.  There are mountain trails for hikers of all level of experience. Nearby Abbott Lake is a perfect destination for any fishing enthusiast.  Plus, the restaurant at the lodge provides a reasonably priced dining experience better than anything else for miles.  This is a great place to either use as a stopping point between destinations or to stay a few days.

The Southern United States has so much to offer in the way off recreation and relaxation at affordable rates. Therefore make a reservation at one of these southern getaways, go for a drive, and have a wonderful time.